Making of dos Quadros

Painting "Portrait of Wentworth Miller"

Portrait of the "Prison Break" actor, Wentworth Miller.

As a teenager, Livia Burchianti loved Michael Scofield from Prison Break, both for his character and handsome face, symmetrical proportions, keen and penetrating eyed as well.

After some studies on pencil, Livia Burchianti decided to realize his oil portrait (and hers first making of).

June 2011

Painting her 100th oil on canvas

Creation process of the 100th oil on canvas by Livia Burchianti.

The place is an apartment on Atlantica Avenue, in Rio de Janeiro-RJ, where Livia Burchianti was hosted for her joint exhibition at the Consulate of Argentina in 2011 (see gallery here).

The painture was inspirated from a photo of the artist inside the apartment, before returning to her home in São Paulo.

At the end of the video there is a retrospective of all his oil works since 2005 to her 100th work.

December 2011

Painting "Melancholy"

Creation’s process of "Melancholy".

The women’s representation insite home room, with an introspective atmosphere, is a recurring theme in the artist's work. On this video, we can see the creation of one of these works, from the blank screen.

January 2012

Painting "The Brasilia’s Manifestation on June 17th 2013"

Process of creation of the work "The Brasilia’s Manifestation on June 17th 2013", from the blank screen, when the population went to the streets of the whole country, arriving at the gardens of the Government Palace, with giant shaddows of the people in the National Congress’s domes.

Videos of the manifestation in several cities of the country were kindly granted to the artist for the assembly of this video.

June 2013

Painting "Vitória (Victory)'s Laughter"

Picture inspired by Maria Vitória’s story, the child with thalassemia major who, at 6 years old, was done a bone marrow transplant from the umbilical cord cells of her younger sister.

From the blank screen to the ending of "Vitória (Victory)'s Laughter".

September 2013